At “design etc.”, we have spent 20 years learning and developing products inspired by the majesty of nature. The reason is simple: The natural structures that are created within nature itself represent the very pinnacle of design, and are something to which we are all inextricably connected. By using sustainable materials, married with the architectural design principles that are rooted within nature, we can create unique, beautiful products that take environmentally friendly design to a new level of aesthetics, while still maintaining affordability.

It is this principle that has seen us grow to where we are today, working to develop revolutionary products and public spaces for over 80 countries around the world.



When done right, dining out is one of the purest pleasures in life. The best restaurants put great thought into their food – how flavours pair together and how the accompanying drinks complement the culinary experience.

There’s no need to stop there. There’s such a huge influence to be had on the dining experience through the design, layout and colour of an establishment.

We work closely with restaurants, focusing on colour and hue, gradient, texture and shape to create a unique setting for diners, one that works in perfect harmony with the culinary vision of the establishment. Sound and lighting can also have an immeasurable effect on taste, levels of relaxation and the overall experience. Nothing is off limits with “design etc.” – we work to create a truly unique experience, while working with locally sourced materials and businesses wherever possible.


A true boutique experience is one of sophistication, where the design is a vehicle for powerfully representing a brand, a philosophy and a message.
We don’t simply design interiors : we design environments. The shapes, contours, colours and geometry of a space take on a deeper meaning, creating dynamic worlds in which products can truly flourish. They are boxes, waiting to be unwrapped.

We have been designing unique, tailor-made environments for some of the world’s leading companies for over 20 years. We try to use as many locally sourced, environmentally friendly materials as we can, working to seamlessly and discretely embed smart technology within our designs, that creates a unique customer experience and leaves a lasting impression.





At “design etc.”, we aim to be a creative extension of your brand and its philosophy. We engage in detailed research from which we can develop something unique and special, that lives in harmony with your brand. The materials, the textures, the structures- nothing is left to chance.

We bring experience at a global level to our design. Integrating parametric design principles, 3D printing and sustainability into a single project, yields truly individual, exciting results that are at the very forefront of today’s design trend.

Corner & Concept

Finding solutions for small spaces is always an interesting challenge.

Small space means concentration of know-how and aesthetic enhancement allowing an easy reading of the message

Corner &


Product Design

Product Design

Developing a bespoke product for a brand is about more than recognizing and emulating the basic aesthetics. We delve deeper, aligning ourselves with the DNA of what makes a brand unique ; its philosophy, its principles and the path it is aiming to take in the future.

We have more than 20 years’ experience working with high-end, one-off products for brands across the globe. It is our dual approach of forming a deep understanding of a brand, along with our own global experience, that allows us to create inspirational products that extend and develop the reach of a brand, rather than simply complementing.


Longines boutique opening in Beyrouth city center


HYT boutique opening in the new Galleries Lafayettes in Quatar


Coming soon first Five Guys restaurant in Lausanne