About us

“design etc.” is a creative design studio with (?) over 15 years’ experience working with companies around the world. We are highly specialized, working within retail and interior design from our headquarters in Neuchatel, Switzerland.
With over 600 unique spaces designed around the world, we have honed our approach to creating efficient, sustainable products, inspired by the biological materials and existing structures that we see all around us, within nature.
We are at the very forefront of marrying environmentally friendly products and designs with unique aesthetics that leave a lasting impression. From our base in Switzerland, we have worked on global projects with a worldwide network of partners. It is this experience that has allowed us to continue developing unique products that truly showcase a concept, brand or idea.

Laurent Raeber


Nathalie Ludwig

Interior Designer

 Our Team

Our team is passionate about creating beautiful, eye-catching and inspiring spaces. We have the expertise and the vision to develop and represent a brand in multiple locations, creating something unique every time that completely buys into the geographical surroundings. We are motivated by creating something unique that will inspire our customers.